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Cable lines
SVS-Dnipro PJSC performs works related to laying of cable lines of internal and external networks with a various voltage.
Our specialists perform a whole range of technical measures to lay cable lines. Cable lines are laid both in the ground and in specialized cable structures, including ducts, channels, special trays, and also trenches, cable racks and suspenders.

In order to improve reliability of electrical supply, taking into account global trends in development of cable energy distribution networks with a medium voltage, the Company lays cables using heat-resistant extruded insulation (cross-linked polyethylene and ethylene-propylene rubber) of both foreign and domestic manufacture, using them to replace cables with paper impregnated insulation. Medium-voltage cables with insulation made of cross-linked polyethylene have a number of advantages in comparison with cables with paper impregnated insulation:
– increased working temperature which makes it possible to increase transmitting capacity;
– increased resistance when operating under the conditions of overloading and shortcuts;
– possibility to lay cables in networks with unlimited level diversity;
– no oil, bitumen, lead, which makes installation and operation easier and removes environmentally adverse factors;
– higher reliability in operation and lower costs of cable line reconstruction and maintenance;
– lower weight and allowable bending radius;
– possibility to manufacture cables of a large building length.

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