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Our services · ENERGY AUDIT


The main purpose of electrical distribution systems maintain is to protect the power supply systems of industrial, commercial and financial facilities, public health and educational institutions from sudden mortality of electric equipment, significant reduction of fire initiation risk caused by the faulty electrical equipment, business interruption and cause the property loses.

The program of service, proposed by us, includes testing of energized and de-energized equipment and consist of:

  1. Infrared thermography (thermal camera) inspection;
  2. Uultrasonic inspection;
  3. Analysis the quality of electric energy;
  4. Insulation resistance measurement.

Performance of tests and preventive maintenance of the electric system will allow you:

  1. Cut down expenses, caused by business interruption;
  2. Increase the operation life of electric equipment;
  3. Reduce expenses on the electric power payment;
  4. Reduce expenses on repair of the electric equipment;
  5. Minimize risks of the problems occurrence, related to the quality of electric power;
  6. Increase the safety and labor protection level at the enterprise.


Thermovision (IR) inspection of buildings, facilities, cottages and private houses.

Specialists of “SVS-Dnipro” company perform IR inspection and energy audit of all types of buildings and facilities: apartment houses, industrial and office buildings, individual houses and structures.

Thermovision (IR) inspection of stacks.

IR inspection of stacks performs to determine their technical condition during operation, forecasting uptime until the next inspection, determine the scope and places of the repair and to estimate the quality of completed repairs.

Thermovision (IR) inspection of pipelines and steam lines.

IR inspection of pipelines and steam lines allows to determine the actual quality of insulation, localize and determine its destruction scopes before repair, estimate the quality of insulation during acceptance after installation, repair or reconstruction and calculate the total heat loses value.


Infrared thermography (thermal camera) inspection


Uultrasonic inspection


Analysis the quality of electric energy


Thermovision (IR) inspection of stacks
Outdoor Lighting

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