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22.07.2013 What does company need to be successful, authoritative and to gain social acceptance?
01.10.2010 Laying of high-voltage CL in Ukraine - the experience of "SVS-DNIPRO" company. Elektropanorama # 9, 2010.
16.06.2010 Vladimir Vypyraylo: motto of "SVS-DNIPRO" always be on step ahead of!


    Electrical installation works
        Electrical equipment installation
        Internal network and electrical supply system installation
        Outdoor Lighting
        Cable lines
        A new technology of coupling sleeve installation was mastered for the first time in Ukraine
    Construction works
        External networks
        Building and facility construction
        The first column crane has been commissioned on the territory of a complex under construction in Minsk
        The second column crane was installed on the project construction site in Minsk
    Implemented projects
        TSS at Chayka
        Saksagansky OT district heating network
        District heating network along Zhylanskaya
        Zelenstroy 2007 district heating network
        Teatralnaya Hotel
        Garages Staronavodnitskaya
        ST 1 foundation pit for tanks
         - , 1 .
        Tsentr SS
        Kharkovskaya SS
        Osokorki SS
        ISKRA Boyarka SS
        Zdolbunov SS
        Vokzalnaya SS
        Underground Sofiyevskaya TSS
        Underground TSS - 3-7, Kiyanovsky Lane
        January Insurgency underground substation
        CL of the TSENTR-Vokzalnaya SS
        CL of the Bastionnaya-Tsentr SS
        Bogatyrskaya CL August 2007
        Kyiv HPP
        Dniester GAES
        Bolshevik UMC
        Execution of the 2009 program of reconstruction of the 330 kV Sevastopol SS
        KECC specialists continue to build a residential complex in Minsk (Byelorussia)
         750 ""
         330/110/10 ""
        Improved power supply for the factory JSC "A / T Tyutyunova kompaniia V.A.T. - Priluky." PS 110/35/10 "Chernihiv".
        Execution of construction works on site Overhead power transmission line 750 kV Zaporozhskaya NPP Kahovskaya from SS 750 kV Kahovskaya and putting the overhead power transmission line 330 kV. Starting complex #3 (Reconstruction of SS 330 kV Novokah
         750 ""
         750 ""
        Rehabilitation of high voltage substations of Dniper Power Grid System. Rehabilitation SS 330 kV Dneprodzerzhinskaya
        Solar power station
        Reconstruction of heating main 1 from Heating station-1 on area from Heat Chamber-123 to Heat Chamber-135 at Umanskaya str in Kyiv (HC-123 HC-133)
        330 kV SS Kamyanets-Podolska
        SS 750/330 kV Kakhovska
        Heat energy meters
        OHL-CL SS Oktyabrskaya - PZU31 - SS Mototsikletnaya
        2A, Mihaila Dontsa str.
        110 kV SS Brno-Opustena and 110 kV cable line Brno-Trnita in Brno city, Czech Republic
        330(110) kV SS Vinnitskaya
        750 kV SS Vinnitskaya
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    Electrical installation works
        Cable lines
        Electrical equipment installation
        Installation of Indoor Electrical Supply Networks and Systems
        Outdoor Lighting
    Construction works
        Construction of buildings and facilities
        Off-site utilities, sewerage, and heat supply
    Fire-prevention works
    Automatic process control system
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TSS at Chayka
Underground Sofiyevskaya TSS

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